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What does booking mean and how is it to be calculated?
Booking means guest permanence within an accommodation independently from the type of room.
For example, if 2 guests decide to stay 3 nights the total booking is of 6 nights. If 5 guests 2 of which decide to stay for 5 nights and 3 decide to remain for 1 night the total booking to be considered is 13 nights (2X15 + 3X1).
When is a group to be considered exempted from paying the tourist tax?
A group is exempted from paying the tourist tax only when simultaneously all below situations take place:

- the group is composed of more than 14 components (excluding tourist guide and bus driver);
- group booking through an agency has been done with the distinct indication of the tourist guide whom will accompany;
- all group components are accommodated within the same structure ( drivers and tourist guide included);
- when hotel accommodations are reached by group components through a reserved bus which has provided in paying the ZTL rate for the whole holiday period.

How should the tax receipt be issued to the guest? Is the sum subject to IVA (Italian product tax) or not?
There is no iva application to the tourist tax. Tax indication in invoice can be done in the IVA exemption area or a separate receipt.
Ways of calculating the tax if guests should decide to stay in one accommodation and then decide to change.
In case of different types of accommodations the manager of the first accommodation will regularly issue receipt for the number of days booked .
If it should happen that the tourist/client should stay within a structure in a period which does not cover fully the month, let's say from June 27th, 2012 to July 3rd, 2012 the tax should be calculated as follows?
Taking into consideration the above hypothesis the tax due for the booking done from June 27th, 2012 to June 30th, 2012, will be considered strictly as June tax payment while the remainder will compete in the month of July. A unique receipt will be issued to the client accommodating within the structure while the hotel owner/director will have to distinctively transfer the two rates which compete to the month of June and the month of July to the municipality office as follows :
The tax owed in June will have to be paid within September 30th, 2012 and the remaining tax of July will have to be paid within October 30th, 2012.
How long should the fiscal records be kept?
The owner/manager is obliged to maintain records (invoices, receipts ) for a 5 year period to be promptly shown if requested by the council authorities. The exemption documents are also to be maintained for the same period.

Go the the municipality web site .
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