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Comune Cavallino Treporti (UK)
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Manager/owner duties

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4 point Accommodation Manager/owner duties

1) Inform the tourist

The manager/owner of the structures found in the Cavallino-Treporti territory has the duty to inform each and every guest within the structure of this tourist tax application mentioning rates and sanctions which could be applied if not paid.
The manager must post regulation and rates in a visible and easily accessible area for tourist acknowledgement

2) Customer/guest tax collection

The manager must indicate on invoice/bill or any other non fiscal document issued to guest
tax total paid by writing:

"Tourist Tax Correctly Paid As Per Cc.N.15 Of March 19th 2012 Resolution The Sum Of €. ______".

3) Monthly declaration to be filled out

The management has the duty to declare monthly to the competent office within the 10th of the coming month the number of subjects whom have stayed within the structure during the month in question being them subjects whom adempt to tax payment or subjects whom exempt from this type of tax. 

They must immediately inform the public authority about the subjects who refuse to pay the tax, in order to facilitate the recovery activities.

The Monthly declaration must be obbligatorily filled out even if no bookings were done.

The following form which may downloaded below can be used to fill out the Monthly Declaration or one can use on line procedure after registrations and credits.

Site registration:

 4) Tax collection by the local city office 

The Manager,/owner, responsable of all tax duties and which is a withholding agent must pay the sum to the Cavallino-Treporti Municipality within 30 days from monthly tax collection and can choose from following payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer to following bank account IT 94 N 02008 83211 000103146473
    addressed to "Comune di Cavallino Treporti - INDICATING TOURIST TAX ";
  2. Pay directly at - UNICREDIT Filiale di Cà Savio branch at the Municipal Treasury desk.

Go the the municipality web site .
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