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Comune Cavallino Treporti (UK)
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Tax payment exemption

che cos'è ico
Tax payment exemption

According to art. 4 regulation regarding tourist tax within Cavallino Treporti the following subjects are exempted :

mionori 12 anni 

Under 12 year old minors
staying in the various accommodations which do not include camping



who freely offer their services within municipal territory regarding events and happenings organized by the City, Provincial, regional councils or for environmental and humanitarian emergencies;


forze dell'ordine 

Subjects belonging to the local and public police force,
and firefighters whom work within the territory subject to tax.



Workers/employees whom work for companies/firms engaged in activities even temporarily, on municipal premises;


accompagnatori turistici guide 

Bus drivers and tour guides  
who assist organized groups;



Single components belonging to organized groups ( to be considered an organized group one made up of 14 components -guide excluded)

Who  stays/accommodates  in the territory from  October 1st to 30th Aprile .  


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